Virginia Stage Company presents "Contact," starring Fletcher McTaggart & Sheri Griffith.

A rider gets help from EQUI-KIDS Therapeutic Riding instructors.

Students are mesmerized by one of the Virginia Living Museum's many fascinating exhibits.

Edmarc Children's Hospice volunteer supports a bereaved family member.

A family proudly supports their Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School graduate.

Barrier Islands Center Almshouse on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad's newest Station 8

Consider us your partner in the business of raising money.

Fundraising can be scary. The Curtis Group understands this. That's why we provide a steady supply of leadership and partnership that takes the fear out of fundraising.

Committed to promoting philanthropy, we help you plan your future, build awareness, and achieve the most daunting goal a nonprofit faces: raising substantial amounts of money.

And we do it well. Since 1989, we've raised more than $250 million for our clients.

We invite you to learn about our services and review the success stories we've helped other nonprofits write. Then when you're ready, we'll get going on yours.

See, not so scary after all.

Our Business Is Raising Money

Our approach of applying business practices to nonprofit fundraising, coupled with hands-on involvement and customized programs, has proven successful time and again.

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“Year-End Appeals with High-Impact Results”
1 to 2 p.m. EST


Welcome, new client: St. Andrews School
We’re excited to have been engaged by St. Andrew’s School in Richmond to begin a Campaign Planning Study this month.


Welcome back, Barrier Islands Center!
Our longtime friends at The Barrier Islands Center continue their tradition of proper planning before a launch, retaining The Curtis Group to conduct a planning study.


“An Insider’s Look at Giving USA” with Keith Curtis
1 to 2 p.m. EST


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“The Curtis Group brings three important qualities to their clients: a thorough knowledge of the fundraising field, the skill to analyze a client’s situation and make practical, realistic recommendations, and the integrity to present the truth even when it is not what the client hopes to hear. You can trust what The Curtis Group tells you.”

  • Ron Reid
  • Consultant
  • Friends of Green Spring
  • Williamsburg, VA